Tobiko Golden, Capelin Sushi Caviar – 1 oz

Flavor: Delicate & refreshing, these light grains are reminiscent of fresh ocean breezes – Size: Light, Tiny & Chewy Grains – Color: Golden – Appearance: Glossy – Origin: USA – Packaging: Jar or Tin – Preparation: Fresh Frozen, Cured with Salt – Caviar Fish Grade: Capelin, Grade 1 – Shelf Life Refrigerated: 3 to 4 days – Storing: 6 Months Frozen – Brand: Markys Caviar – Shipping: FedEx Next Day Delivery

Product Features

  • Best Quality & Premium Taste
  • Fine Gourmet Foods for Someone Special
  • Ideal Corporate & Holiday Gift
  • Overnight Delivery with Ice Packs
  • We offer a unique and unsurpassed selection of the finest, first quality malossol caviar available, directly sourced and hand selected from each harvest. High quality at a low price!