Set of Kaluga and Ossetra Sturgeon Amber Caviars 5.3 oz / 150 gr each jar Huso Dauricus River Beluga BONUS 1.75 oz – 50 gr Jar of Premium Kaluga Caviar w/Pearl Caviar Spoon OVERNIGHT SHIPPING

Product Features

  • About the product This marvelous farm-raised hybrid caviar is organically grown and DOES NOT contain Pesticides, added Hormones or Antibiotics. From Egg to Harvest, Each Sturgeon receives Individual Care. They are Fed only with Organic Ingredients and are Raised in Clean Fresh Water. This caviar is the best alternative to the Wild Caspian Beluga. Directly from the source. Caviar is a rich source of Omega 3ís, Vitamin A, B12, E, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Protein, Selenium and Iron, elements