Season Black Capelin Caviar 2-Ounce, Glass Jar (Pack of 4)

Over 90 years ago, the Season Brand was the inspiration of a Polish immigrant who started as a food merchant selling specialty products to grocery stores in the Northeast Region. By sourcing the highest quality ingredients Season grew as a trusted brand for specialty fish. In the 1950s, as Season’s reputation as a diversified line of high quality, canned seafood, specialty vegetables grew, Season became a household staple in cities throughout the United States. Today, the Season Brand continues to source only the highest quality ingredients bringing consumers the superior taste they have known to love.

Product Features

  • Imported From Iceland, For Excellent Quality
  • Black Capelin Caviar is Usually Served as an Appetizer, Hors D’oeuvre, or Side Dish
  • Pack Of Four, For Your Convenience and Freshness
  • It’s A Favorite Among Specific Gourmet Food Lovers Because Of Its Mid-Range Value
  • Wild Caught, Get It Mother Natures Way