Premium Ossetra Sturgeon Amber Caviar Huso Dauricus River Beluga 17.6 oz – 500 gr Can w/Mother of Caviar Spoon Gourmet Premium Ossetra Caviar Light-Salted Farm Raised OVERNIGHT SHIPPING by Stradiva

SPECIES: Huso Dauricus & Acipenser Schrenckii Husa Dauricus, a cross-breed between Kaluga and Amur sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish in the world.The wild resource can be found in the Amur River basin (Russian Federation & Asia). Kaluga is a semi- anadromous fish, spending some of its life in the salt water but most of its life in freshwater. Our Kaluga Hybridized sturgeon are farmed raised in an environment close to their natural habitat, in fresh drinking water, free of pollutants. Their diet consists of invertebrates during their first year and then switches to small fish. From years three to four the diet consists mainly of adult fish. Exceedingly rare, exquisitely rich, absolutely delicious, fresh, mild and utterly delectable, our directly sourced and hand selected from each harvest caviar will not disappoint. Well known for its glossy grey color pearls, with golden highlights and hints of dark amber and olive green eggs with a diameter of over 4 mm.This caviarís distinctive full-bodied savory taste, with hints of fruit and nut, creamy texture and long finish will add a note of exclusivity and sophistication to any table and therefore will make a wonderful addition to the menu of any high-end restaurant or bar. It used to be served to the crowned heads of the world only and it is surrounded by myths and legends for its power to heal diseases and improving the stamina which is partially confirmed by modern medical science. To Enjoy Caviar the Right Way Because caviar can easily react with stainless silverware and plates, using these items can, in fact, change the way your caviar tastes. Use plastic or porcelain plates and silverware when handling caviar to make the eating experience just that much more flavourful.

Product Features

  • This caviar has a diameter of over 4 mm and comes in a variety of colors, most common of which are pearl grey and dark grey. It has a smooth, rich buttery flavor and a faint suggestion of ocean spray. There is nothing better than enjoying a plate of black caviar with a chilled glass of vodka or champagne brute or dry white wine.
  • Caviar is a rich source of Omega 3ís, Vitamin A, B12, E, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Protein, Selenium and Iron, elements that are necessary to promote strong bones, teeth, and a healthy immune system.
  • This marvelous farm-raised hybrid caviar is organically grown and DOES NOT contain Pesticides, added Hormones or Antibiotics. From Egg to Harvest, Each Sturgeon receives Individual Care. They are Fed only with Organic Ingredients and are Raised in Clean Fresh Water. This caviar is the best alternative to the Wild Caspian Beluga. Directly from the source.
  • NEXT DAY DELIVERY GUARANTEED!!! If the order is placed on Monday ñ Tuesday before 1 pm EST. If you require SATURDAY or SUNDAY DELIVERY please contact us. All caviar is shipped in a thermo-secure box with ice packs to preserve freshness. Once the shipment arrives, remove the jar from the box and store in the bottom of the refrigerator and on the ice, 32-38F. Caviar should never be frozen, as it will end up mushy
  • Note: the product is perishable. Unopened, caviar will keep at peak freshness for at least 60 days. Once opened, enjoy it the same day.