OLMA Supreme Caviar Gift Set, Delicious, Best Quality, Premium Taste

Supreme Caviar Gift Set Content: 1x Beluga Caviar 2 oz (56g) 1x Russian Osetra Karat Caviar 2 oz (56g) 1x White Sturgeon Caviar 2 oz (56g) 1x Siberian Osetra Aurora Caviar 2 oz (56g) 1x Mini Blini 16pcs. 4.76oz (135g) 1x Creme Fraiche 8 oz 1x Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon 1x Gift Package

OLMA is a major producer of fine caviar, meat, fish and other gourmet foods since 2001. OLMA imports dozens of varieties of the best black and red caviar from Italy, Israel, South Korea, Russia, and USA. We are proud to be a your one-stop source for remarkably delicious, first-rate caviar.

We pack, export and import the finest Russian and international foods all over the world. We are passionate about delivering exceptional quality products to individual consumers, restaurants, grocery chains, and other food distributors.

The ideal temperature for storing caviar is 28° – 34° F to preserve optimal quality. This is best achieved by keeping it on ice in your refrigerator. Unopened, caviar will last 4 to 6 weeks. Once opened, enjoy your caviar within 3 days.

Best Quality & Premium Taste at low price! Ideal for Corporate & Holiday Gift. All caviar is packed to order to ensure maximum freshness of this delicacy for your enjoyment. Hurry! Buy it now!!

Product Features

  • Gift Set Includes: 1 of each jar Beluga Caviar 2 oz (56g), Russian Osetra Karat Caviar 2 oz (56g), White Sturgeon Caviar 2 oz (56g) and Siberian Osetra Aurora Caviar 2 oz (56g), served on French mini blinis and Creme Fraiche with Mother of Pearl caviar spoon, all in a wonderful mini cooler gift bag.
  • Overnight Delivery: We use overnight delivery in special temperature-controlled box that keeps the temp for up to 48 hours. To fully enjoy your gourmet products’ full range of flavor and freshness, be sure to prepare for your delivery in advance and have someone ready to receive the order.
  • OLMA Commitment: OLMA is committed to delivering safe, fresh products. We offer best quality caviar, directly sourced and hand selected from each harvest. This caviar is bursting with flavor exploding your mouth. Great addition to the menu of any high-end restaurant, a bar or any table because of its exclusivity flavor. Delicious taste you won’t forget.
  • Caviar Benefits: The vitamin A in caviar is good for eyesight and the calcium helps strengthen bones. It is also said that caviar helps improve our immune system. For premium, high-quality caviar and smoked meats, think OLMAFood.com!
  • The Quality: Harvested, processed and packed according to HACCP standards. All caviar is packed to order to ensure maximum freshness of this delicacy for your enjoyment. All products are guaranteed to be fresh.