OLMA Black Caviar Russian Osetra KARAT 32 oz (907g) Metal Tin.

Russian Osetra Karat Caviar-Amber Delectably fresh and fruity, Amber Osetra ranges in color from warm brown to dark gray, its firm grain is pleasing and juicy, with a distinctive nutty clean taste that inspires fierce loyalties. This Osetra captures the eggs at their absolute peak of size, flavor, color and texture, when the sturgeon are at their most mature. Truly sublime. The best tasting caviar in the world and USA today.”Ships overnight from NY” after “Directly from OLMA Caviar manufacturer”.

Product Features

  • Directly from OLMA caviar manufacturer
  • Osetra KARAT Black Caviar, fresh, high quality product.
  • Shelf life is 4 – 6 weeks. Keep refrigerated 38F and below.
  • Osetra KARAT caviar is the most sought after Caviar due to its definitive buttery taste.
  • Golden in color with a hint of brown. Medium-large beads. Rich nutty flavor. Hint of sea salt. Lingering creamy finish.