OLMA Black Caviar Paddlefish 17.6 oz (500g) Metal Tin

Paddle Fish caviar is harvested from the Spoonbill fish and resembles Sevruga Sturgeon, although the size of the roe can be slightly smaller. Color ranges from dark gray to black. If you’re looking for a quality Caviar, Paddlefish caviar is a great option. Since Paddlefish Caviar comes from the eggs of a female, the species is always the target of poachers with access to their habitat. It takes females several years in order to be able to reproduce and if poachers get their hands on the fish before they are ready to spawn, not only will they not get what they are after; they killed the fish for no reason. In certain instances fisherman have no use for caviar and are simply after the distinct Paddlefish filets. Paddlefish are found in area such as the Mississippi and reservoirs as well as freshwater areas, which is typically where the Paddlefish caviar stems from. Ships overnight from NY.

Product Features

  • Directly from OLMA caviar manufacturer
  • Black Paddle fish caviar (russian style) fresh, high quality product.
  • Shelf life is 4 – 6 weeks. Keep refrigerated 38F and below.
  • Buying Paddlefish Caviar is a safe way to go for any occasion.
  • Paddlefish Caviar is a great choice for any first time Caviar buyer.