Lingotto 1.2 oz

Product Features

  • Calvisius Caviar Lingotto is 100% caviar from fresh Pacific White sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus). Based on an innovative technique that compresses and reduces the moisture, it is stored in a mold and aged for around two months. Once Lingotto is properly aged, the flavor is intensified and the texture is firm enough to be shaved, micro-planed or cut into strips. Lingotto can be used on hot food, in fact, any dish’s warmth rehydrates it and enhances the aromas, making it ready to enjoy.
  • Recommended combination: Shave over lemon zested spaghetti for a pasta that will wow your guests. Slice using a truffle slicer into paper thin strips over potato or pumpkin purée. Pair with crisp dry bubbles, a crisp white wine or vodka.
  • Shelf life: 90 days from the day we ship, unopened. Stays refrigerated through distribution to use.