Indian Candy Maple Smoked Wild British Columbia Salmon Fish From Canada Candied and Cured in Maple Syrup Ships Frozen

Smoked Salmon Indian Candy Made From Wild Chum Salmon Caught Off the Coast of British Columbia Canada! You have to try this!

Are you looking for an amazing sweet and tasty salmon treat? Wild Pacific Chum Salmon cured in the finest Grade A Quebec Maple Syrup and then cold smoked to perfection!

Finaly a Sweet and Healthy Treat Packed and Ready To Eat

Our Indian Candy is a unique seafood treat as it is packed in gold foil for maximum freshness and ready to eat upon arrival. It’s made in British Columbia Canada with the finest ingredients and completely preservative free. Salmon is extremely high in Omega 3 fatty acids and is an incredible source of protein. 

Still Thinking About Whether to Buy This Indian Candy?

• Premium quality wild Pacific Chum Salmon

• Cured in the Finest Grade A Quebec Maple Syrup

• Cold Smoked to ensure maximum flavor and freshness while giving it a hint of smokeyness

• Makes the perfect Corporate or Christmas gift

• A healthy snack which is an amazing source of protein and Omega 3 

• Proudly Made in Vancouver British Columbia Canada 

What are you waiting for? Get your Indian Candy today and one more as a gift to a dear friend!

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Product Features

  • 100% Fresh Canadian Maple Syrup – Our Indian Candy is prepared with only the world’s best Canadian maple syrup to provide the freshest and purest flavor
  • Pacific Wild Chum – Carefully selected cuts of Canadian Pacific Chum Salmon are used to prepare our Indian Candy
  • Perfect Candied Treat – Indian Candy is slow cured in rich maple syrup and then rolled in peppercorns to produce an outstanding flavor. This is one of the world’s tastiest seafood snacks
  • All Natural – Our products are all natural with no added preservatives. Enjoy our fish, salmon and seafood products without the additives
  • Freshest Fish – Our products are made and packed at the peak of Freshness. Our Wild Salmon is caught and cured to ensure maximum flavor