Farmed White Sturgeon Caviar, Italy – 16 oz

Flavor: Nutty flavor, both smooth and robust – Color: Golden brown to dark color – Appearance: Shiny & glossy. A fine selection of Italian Caviar farmed under pristine conditions. This Caviar is processed under the supervision of Caspian Salt Master “Toufani”. With large firm pearls and a smooth nutty taste, our Italian Caviar is fresh, sustainable, and a delightful addition for those who cherish a fine Caviar.

Product Features

  • Best Quality & Premium Taste
  • Fine Gourmet Foods for Someone Special
  • Ideal Corporate & Holiday Gift
  • Overnight Delivery with Ice Packs
  • We offer a unique and unsurpassed selection of the finest, first quality malossol caviar available, directly sourced and hand selected from each harvest. High quality at a low price!