Caviar Locker – Mylar Smell Proof CR Exit Bags – Resealable Zipper – 100 Bags

The Caviar Locker resealable child resistant barrier bag is a great solution for cartridges, flower and edibles. Simply press both sides of the lock logo and roll your fingers until the top seal opens. Once an edge of the zipper seal opens you can run your finger through the zipper to fully open the bag. This professional packaging solution is reusable, features a thick zipper and heavy duty construction. Each Caviar Locker baggie extends shelf life by locking in flavor, freshness and smell! Moisture control technology makes these bags the best choice for the storing of dry material, ground material, coffee, tea, herbs, edibles, tobacco, snacks, seeds, nuts, beef jerky, fish, homemade dry rubs, spices and more. Our mylar bags are the perfect affordable way to package your product. These are the highest quality bags on the market. The thick quality zipper paired with metal foil creates the perfect barrier bag. This flexible packaging solution is affordable, light, and saves a ton of space.

Product Features

  • Small – 3.4″x3.7″
  • Medium – 8″x6″
  • Large – 12″x9″