Caviar Gift Set by Khavyar || Classic Domestic Double (2oz each)

Sturgeon Hackleback: Shovelnose sturgeons produce inky-black roe with a pronounced, nutty flavor tinged with sweetness. Caviar enthusiasts who are versed in other roe varieties will be impressed with hackleback caviar’s robust taste, even within its smaller pearls. The flavor profile of hackleback caviar has been compared to that of Russian Sevruga caviar- doubtlessly adding to its caché.  Khavyar’s hackleback caviar is sourced from Illinois and Kentucky, where it is sustainably wild-caught with environmental approval. A shovelnose sturgeon reaches maturity more quickly than foreign sturgeon varieties, which is better suited to the regular harvesting of caviar; however, female shovelnose sturgeons only are able to produce eggs once every 3 years. Enjoy Hackleback caviar as you would any sturgeon caviar variety- it is well-suited to pairing with blini or tasting from the tin, where its robust flavor can be shown off.  Spoonbill American: Paddlefish roe is described as similar in size and color to Sevruga, ranging in color from pale silver to steel grey. The flavor profile of spoonbill roe, however, has been compared to Osetra- one of the most prized caviar varieties worldwide. Its rich, earthy flavor and smooth, buttery texture makes this domestic roe an indulgent treat. Khavyar’s spoonbill caviar is wild-caught in the United States from the waters of Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee.  Though paddlefish roe has long been a part of the fishing culture in these states, it is now reaching a wider audience as it continues to be discovered by caviar newcomers and seasoned epicureans alike. Serve spoonbill caviar as you would a fine Osetra, or experiment with the more Americanized serving suggestion of dressing crackers with paddlefish roe and a bit of lime.

Product Features

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  • √ Spoonbill Caviar
  • √ Hackleback
  • Elegant, Black Gift Set Includes Two (2) Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoons