Caviar by Khavyar || White Sturgeon Caviar, 1oz

30g Serves 1-2 | 50g Serves 2-3 | 125g Serves 4-6 | 250g Serves 10-15

A California White Sturgeon roe that exhibits a creamy mouth-feel and clean finish. Similar in appearance to some of our fine Osetra caviars, the medium sized pears and a rich dark appearance make for exquisite presentation. Raised in a controlled environment of artesian well water and strictly managed diets, this roe is an exceptional example of sustainable aquaculture practice.

White sturgeon caviar is known for its nutty, creamy flavor profile and crisp, clean finish, proving once and for all that very fine caviar can now be found from domestic fisheries.

Serve this roe the way you’d present a Beluga caviar- free from garnishes, which may detract from its flavor. Simply placed on toast points or served straight from the tin is ideal.

For the most luxurious & discriminating presentation of caviar, choose Khavyar because you want better quality caviar – BUY NOW!



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Product Features

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  • √ Deep, rich, dark presentation
  • √ Nutty, creamy profile with crisp, clean finish
  • √ Medium sized pearls
  • American White Sturgeon is a favorite among specific gourmet food lovers because of it’s mid-range value.