Avgotaraho Stefos BROS & Co {SMOKED} Kosher Bottarga from Greece “The Art of Seafood” 3 ~ 4.23 oz

Bottarga Stefos Ingredients: Mullet fish roe, Salt

Must peal the beeswax coat before eating.


Topping Suggestion:

Pizza margarita Oysters Clam Showder Mixed grilled seafood sandwich Omelette with Bri cheese and bottarga Bouratta salad Capris salad Asparagus salad Arugula and halumi cheese salad and octopus Octopus and mashed potato with garlic butter and truffles Hummus with olive oil and walnuts Bloody Mary Lobster rolls Shrimp and bottarga rice paper rolled Shrimp tacos with bottarga Philadelphia sandwich With garlic and shives Grilled haloumi salad with arugula and pomegranate Caesar Salad with grilled shrimp and Bottarga





serves 4


Toasted sour dough bread slices 4 eggs 1.7 ~ 3.5 oz Bottarga Stafos  1 tablespoon Butter 1 tablespoon olive oil Mixed herbs to your taste (parsley, chives, tarragon, coriander) Optional: artichoke hearts with one lemon Salt and pepper

PREPARATION: 10 minutes • If you use artichoke hearts, slice them in thin slices and mix with a little lemon juice • Prepare the grated bottarga or slice the bottarga in fine slices • Chop your choice of herbs • Crack the eggs in a bowl. Add salt, pepper, the chopped herbs and stir the mixture • Melt the butter in a pan and add the olive oil. When warm, add the egg mixture and gently mix at low temperature • Place the scrambled eggs on toast, add the bottarga (and the artichokes)


Product Features

  • Bottarga di Muggine (Dried Grey Mullet Roe)
  • Highly rich in Omega 3, decreases anxiety and increases the aphrodisiac.
  • Slice thinly like salami on a toast or sandwich or grate it over pasta or salad or scrambled eggs, read the preparations in the descriptions below.